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„Underground Sun Storage 2030“: Store solar energy seasonally and on large scale in the form of hydrogen, use existing infrastructure – for a secure renewable energy landscape

08.06.2021 | Pressemeldung

In the lead project "Underground Sun Storage 2030" (USS 2030), the safe, seasonal and large-scale storage of renewable energy in the form of hydrogen in underground gas reservoirs is being developed. In addition, all partners involved in the project will jointly gain valuable technical and economic knowledge for the development of a secure hydrogen supply.

"H2EU+Store" – Green Hydrogen for Europe

05.05.2021 | Pressemeldung

In order to accelerate and ramp up the production of green hydrogen for Europe, which is vital for a climate-neutral future European energy supply, the international industry partnership consisting of Bayerngas GmbH, bayernets GmbH, Eco-Optima LLC, Open Grid Europe GmbH and RAG Austria AG has designed the "H2EU+Store" project.

“Underground Sun Conversion – Flexible Storage”: sustainable storage for the renewable energy system of the future

22.01.2021 | Pressemeldung

From December 2020, the “Underground Sun Conversion – Flexible Storage” (USC-FlexStore) project will investigate seasonal storage of large quantities of renewable energy to be made available year round.

Work begins on construction of test facility in Pilsbach, Upper Austria

01.03.2018 | Presseinformation

World-first research project headed by RAG will produce renewable natural gas from solar and wind power, 1,000m underground

RAG opens Austria’s first liquefied natural gas filling station

26.09.2017 | Pressemeldung

RAG, Ennshafen OÖ GmbH and Iveco Austria today opened Austria’s first liquefied natural gas (LNG) filling station at Ennshafen port as part of the Zukunftsforum LNG conference. The event was attended by the Deputy Governor of Upper Austria, Michael Strugl, as well as other prominent guests from the worlds of politics and business.

Unique research project to investigate underground storage of wind and solar energy

05.10.2015 | Pressemeldung

Federal Minister of Transport, Innovation and Technology Alois Stöger, Managing Director of the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund Theresia Vogel and RAG Chief Executive Officer Markus Mitteregger open the Underground Sun Storage test facility in Pilsbach, Upper Austria.

OPEC Bulletin July-August 2015

31.08.2015 | Report

It is evident from the elegant, yet understated Vienna-based headquarters in the city’s first district what RAG stands for. The lovely historical building which hosts the company boasts a combination of tradition, innovation and success — just like the company itself.

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OPEC International Seminar 2015

Unique local combined geothermal and biomass project in Neukirchen an der Vöckla comes onstream

03.05.2012 | Pressemeldung

A project that took five months to complete today began feeding a district heating network with environmentally-friendly geothermal energy from RAG’s Mühlleiten ML-002 well. Geothermal energy from a depth of 2,850 metres is now providing district heating for about 100 households in Neukirchen an der Vöckla, operating in tandem with a biomass plant operated by Bioenergie Neukirchen. The geothermal…

Porto Energy Corp. Enters Into Definitive JV Agreement to Exploit Tight-Oil Shale Play

01.03.2012 | Pressemeldung




RAG and NIS signed a joint oil and gas research agreement

19.12.2011 | Pressemeldung

NIS and Rohöl-Aufsuchungs Aktiengesellschaft via its Hungarian subsidiary RAG Hungary Kft, Budapest (RAG) have today entered into agreements to jointly explore and develop conventional hydrocarbon resources in the Kiskunhalas exploration license west of the city of Szeged in southern Hungary. The license held by RAG Hungary comprises and area of 2255 km2.

Notice on SAPONIS INVESTMENTS SP. z o.o.: LEBORK S-1 Hydraulic Stimulation Results

08.11.2011 | Pressemeldung

Hydraulic stimulations were performed on both the Cambrian and Ordovician intervals in the Lebork S-1 well. The stimulations and subsequent flowback resulted in gas being flared from each interval, although only a small percentage of the designed proppant quantity and concentration was placed.

BNK Petroleum Inc. Baltic Basin Update

06.09.2011 | Pressemeldung

Camarillo, CALIFORNIA – BNK Petroleum Inc. (the “Company”)


On behalf of Saponis Investments Sp z o.o, announced today that it has received additional data from the Lebork S-1 and Wytowno S-1 wells drilled on the adjacent Slawno and Slupsk concessions.

RAG to supply Neukirchen an der Vöckla with ecofriendly geothermal energy

17.06.2011 | Pressemeldung

Following an intensive technical planning phase, RAG today signed a heating supply contract with Bioenergie Neukirchen. The agreement is aimed at efficient use of ecofriendly geothermal energy by Bioenergie Neukirchen’s biomass-fired heating plant, which provides district heating for the town of Neukirchen an der Vöckla.

More supply security for Europe

19.05.2011 | Pressemeldung

Capacity of the Haidach natural gas storage facility expanded to over 2.6 billion cubic meters / Official inauguration of second-largest gas storage facility

Notice on SAPONIS INVESTMENTS SP. z.o.o.: LEBORK S-1 Drilling Results

25.04.2011 | Pressemeldung

The Lebork S-1 well, on the Slupsk concession in Poland has been drilled, cased and cemented to its total depth of 3.590 meters. The well was originally drilled to 3.517 meters and 223 meters of whole core were recovered. At that time a full suite of logs were run. After evaluation of the logs it was decided to deepen the well to its final depth of 3.590 meters, after which another full suite of…

Mag. Dr. Michael Längle appointed new CFO of RAG Rohöl-Aufsuchungs Aktiengesellschaft

16.03.2011 | Pressemeldung

The Supervisory Board of RAG Rohöl-Aufsuchungs Aktiengesellschaft agreed on 10 February 2011 to appoint Mag. Dr. Michael Längle to the Executive Board as Chief Financial Officer, with effect from 1 April 2011. He will take over from Managing Director Dr. Helmut Sitz, who will retire.

PRESS CONFERENCE: 'Energy Policy Positions of Upper Austria's Industry'

15.03.2011 | Pressemeldung

Energy will be a topic of tremendous importance in the coming decade – An ideology-free, objective approach is essential for meaningful energy policy measures – Energy mix to be defined from a European, not a regional perspective – Hydropower, gas storage, and strong expertise in energy and environmental technologies are strengths of Upper Austria that need to be endorsed.

BNK Petroleum Inc. announces Wytowno drilling results

16.02.2011 | Pressemeldung

BNK Petroleum Inc. (the “Company”) (TSX: BKX) announced today that the Wytowno #1 well, on the Slawno concession in Poland, has been drilled to 3,580 meters and is being prepared to have casing run and cemented to total depth.

Gas production resumed in Bavaria

14.02.2011 | Pressemeldung

Austrian Rohöl-Aufsuchungs Aktiengesellschaft (RAG) and Bayerngas GmbH have recorded their first success in the exploration of natural gas in Bavaria. The partners have discovered gas reserves that are considered economically feasible to produce in the Assing R1 well. Assing is located northeast of lake Chiemsee, in the Bavarian Salzach-Inn region.

RAG (Rohöl-Aufsuchungs Aktiengesellschaft) celebrates 75 years of business success

01.02.2011 | Pressemeldung

It is an eventful past that Austria's oldest and most traditional oil and gas exploration and production company can look back on. For decades, we have made a substantial contribution to supply Austria with crude oil and natural gas and are a key regional employer of high economic significance - this is what we are proud of.

RAG and MOL start cooperation to strengthen Hungary's security of oil and gas supply

16.12.2009 | Pressemeldung

Budapest, 16th Dec. 2009 – Today MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas PLC., Budapest (MOL) and Rohöl-Aufsuchungs Aktiengesellschaft, Vienna (RAG) have signed a framework agreement on cooperation aiming to further intensify oil and gas exploration and production in Hungary and strengthen the country's security of supply. The partners will jointly explore and develop their licences at the highest international…

Federal Minister Dr. Reinhold Mitterlehner visits Austria's largest gas storage facility

13.11.2009 | Pressemeldung

RAG's gas storage facility at Haidach, which was commissioned in 2007, is a major pillar of Austrian and European security of supply.

RAG engages in Shale Gas-Projects in Poland

14.10.2009 | Pressemeldung

BNK Continues executing European shale strategy

RAG Austria: New subsidiary RAG Hungary to start up in October

01.10.2009 | Pressemeldung

Austrian oil and gas company RAG acquires Toreador Hungary as of October 2009. EU member Hungary offers an attractive, untapped oil and gas potential, reliable framework conditions and an active market for exploration licences

About 40% of Austria's current natural gas demand is covered by RAG

09.01.2009 | Pressemeldung

Gas demand in Upper Austria and Salzburg is exclusively covered by RAG facilities; in Tyrol, Vorarlberg and Lower Austria natural gas is delivered by RAG facilities


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