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RAG Energy Valley

The RAG Energy Valley in Krift, near Kremsmünster, Upper Austria, is centred on sustainable energy management.

In this ambitious demonstration project, energy will be generated, stored and used to supply households and businesses with power and heat, and to power vehicles, with no CO2 emissions – all year round

Combining climate friendliness with security of supply, the RAG Energy Valley project in Krift aims to demonstrate carbon-neutral energy supplies for rural districts and built-up areas. This will be made possible by finely-tuned coordination of generation, conversion, storage and use of green energy and key raw materials. Summer solar energy will be made storable by converting it into hydrogen, for use in winter to provide power and heat for industry and households, as well as transport fuel. This means that a carbon-neutral energy hub is taking shape in Upper Austria that may offer an answer to the question of how to provide large conurbations with secure, year-round green energy supplies. Another advantage of the RAG Energy Valley project in Krift is the fact that value creation will remain in the region, and the business location will be strengthened.

Making a reality of the future of energy, today

Just as the Kremsmünster area has already been in the forefront of energy innovation, value creation and security of supply in the past, we want to work with others to set standards for the future of energy and drive the development of advanced technology – from idea to production readiness.

Carbon-neutral, local, year-round energy supplies

In our regional energy hub, green energy will be produced, converted, stored and consumed so that industry and households will have a secure supply of sustainable energy for power, heat and transportation all year round.