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Strengthening security of supply

Security of supply is the core issue for the energy sector. It is our mission, and we are committed to it unreservedly. Austria’s gas storage facilities shoulder the responsibility for long term, large volume energy storage, ensuring that seasonal imbalances can be evened out. As energy generation from renewable sources grows, the need for large volume, seasonal storage capacity also increases, since it is required to balance out the seasonal swings from energy surplus (excess solar energy in summer) to deficit (increased demand due to low temperatures in winter). Storage enables established supply security to be maintained at all times.

Industry and households still need energy supplies when the sun goes in or the wind stops blowing. Already, today’s demand can only be met thanks to large volume, high performance energy storage facilities. Pumped storage and batteries play a useful part in in balancing hourly and daily demand. But to guarantee security of supply and compensate for seasonal fluctuations, gas storage is essential. RAG’s storage facilities have 500 times the capacity (72 TWh) of all of Austria’s pumped storage installations combined (0.14 TWh). This capacity can be drawn upon flexibly, at any time and rapidly to provide gas energy for power, heat and transportation – security of supply in action.

“Security of supply has a name: Energy storage. Our facilities MUST work under all circumstances and be ready to perform at all times. This is our daily business, backed by the highest technical know-how.“


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