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RAG Austria AG is Austria’s largest energy storage company, and one of Europe’s leading gas storage facility operators

Our business focus is market driven storage, conversion and conditioning of energy in gaseous forms. The company has gas storage capacity of about 6.3bn cubic metres (cu m) of natural gas, or about 6% of total capacity in the EU. A large part of RAG’s gas fields have already been converted into storage facilities, which can rapidly discharge stored energy in large quantities on-demand. In this way RAG is delivering on its vision of “sustainable energy mining”, and decisively reinforcing security of supply in Austria and Europe.

RAG operates and continues to develop a total of 11 pore storage facilities. These include the storage facilities in Puchkirchen/Haag, Haidach, Haidach 5, Aigelsbrunn and the 7Fields interconnected gas storage as well as the hydrogen storage facilities in Pilsbach and Rubensdorf.

We also develop leading edge energy technologies related to “green gas” that partner renewables. This is enabling RAG to play a vital role in attaining Austria’s ambitious climate goals, and in the sustainable stewardship of the country’s raw material and energy supplies. RAG aims to provide its customers with safe, efficient, environmentally friendly and affordable energy and gas storage services – sustainably and responsibly.

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