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Storage of gaseous energy sources

RAG’s energy storage facilities are highly versatile. Their wide range of capabilities contributes to security of supply in Austria and Europe, and they hold the key to a sustainable energy future. Large volumes of gaseous energy sources can be stored here. Currently used primarily for traditional natural gas, in future they will also store green gas such as hydrogen, for withdrawal at high capacity and at any time.

As a gas storage facility operator our mission is the storage of gaseous energy sources and the utilization of storage facilities for sustainable energy storage. 

With over 6.2 billion (bn) cubic metres (cu m) of gas storage capacity RAG Austria AG is Austria’s largest energy storage company and one of Europe’s leading storage operators. RAG operates around 6% of total gas storage capacity in the EU. 50% of our gas reservoirs have been converted into gas storage facilities. Therefore, we make a major contribution to security of supply in Austria and Central Europe.

“RAG’s energy storage facilities are essential for the step-by-step reduction of CO2 emissions towards a sustainable energy system, the attainment of the climate targets and the use of renewable energy sources.”



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