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Underground Sun Storage: World's first geological hydrogen storage facility goes into operation

27.04.2023 | Press release

Large-volume storage of hydrogen enables energy transition while maintaining security of supply. With “Underground Sun Storage“, the world‘s first hydrogen storage facility in an underground porous reservoir, RAG Austria AG – Renewables and Gas – and its project partners are setting new international standards.

„Underground Sun Storage 2030“: Store solar energy seasonally and on large scale in the form of hydrogen, use existing infrastructure – for a secure renewable energy landscape

08.06.2021 | Press release

In the lead project "Underground Sun Storage 2030" (USS 2030), the safe, seasonal and large-scale storage of renewable energy in the form of hydrogen in underground gas reservoirs is being developed. In addition, all partners involved in the project will jointly gain valuable technical and economic knowledge for the development of a secure hydrogen supply.

"H2EU+Store" – Green Hydrogen for Europe

05.05.2021 | Press release

In order to accelerate and ramp up the production of green hydrogen for Europe, which is vital for a climate-neutral future European energy supply, the international industry partnership consisting of Bayerngas GmbH, bayernets GmbH, Eco-Optima LLC, Open Grid Europe GmbH and RAG Austria AG has designed the "H2EU+Store" project.

“Underground Sun Conversion – Flexible Storage”: sustainable storage for the renewable energy system of the future

22.01.2021 | Press release

From December 2020, the “Underground Sun Conversion – Flexible Storage” (USC-FlexStore) project will investigate seasonal storage of large quantities of renewable energy to be made available year round.

Work begins on construction of test facility in Pilsbach, Upper Austria

01.03.2018 | Press information

World-first research project headed by RAG will produce renewable natural gas from solar and wind power, 1,000m underground

RAG opens Austria’s first liquefied natural gas filling station

26.09.2017 | Press release

RAG, Ennshafen OÖ GmbH and Iveco Austria today opened Austria’s first liquefied natural gas (LNG) filling station at Ennshafen port as part of the Zukunftsforum LNG conference. The event was attended by the Deputy Governor of Upper Austria, Michael Strugl, as well as other prominent guests from the worlds of politics and business.


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