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Climate and Environmental Protection

Efficient use of energy and resources

Protecting the climate is a core focus of a sustainable energy system. We want to make a significant contribution to the success of the European Union’s Green Deal initiative by developing and implementing projects related to environmentally friendly energy storage We see RAG’s high-capacity energy storage facilities as a key element underpinning the renewable energy supply of tomorrow and the basis for the ongoing development of new energy technologies.

We want all of the energy demand at our plants to be covered by renewable sources by 2040 at the latest. This will involve the gradual conversion of well sites into solar energy sites equipped with photovoltaic systems. The target is to produce up to 60,000 MWh of climateneutral energy ourselves each year by then. This means that around 10% of supplies for own use will be carbon-neutral by 2025.

We are already producing the energy required to operate our facilities ourselves wherever we can, and using it efficiently. In addition, we are reducing vehicle emissions by operating a gas-driven (CNG) fleet, rolling out the necessary refuelling infrastructure (RAG’s own CNG and LNG filling stations) and the steadily increasing use of biomethane.

Responsible approach to the environment

Together with safety, environmental protection and responsible stewardship of Austria’s natural resources are paramount in everything we do. We pay particularly close attention to maximising environmental sustainability, optimising energy use, cutting emissions, use of waste avoidance technology, new methods for continuous surveillance and testing of plant and pipelines, as well as IT security and integrity management.

When constructing facilities, RAG takes preservation of the natural environment into account at the planning stage, as part of the environmental analysis. The amount of land used, emissions and damage to the landscape are kept to an absolute minimum. Land is restored to its previous, greenfield state once a project has been completed. When constructing permanent facilities, RAG is committed to creating environmental compensation areas. Cooperation with public authorities, environmental protection experts, planners, local authorities and landowners is especially important.


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