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Third Sustainability Report 21 l 22

This is RAG Austria AG’s third Sustainability Report, following on from the 2018 and 2020 editions. The two years covered by the report were shaped by various different crises and major challenges, and were dominated by a global pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine war and the accelerating pace of climate change. More than any other factor, the changing geopolitical situation has sparked a huge increase in public debate on the need for the energy transformation and rapidly ushered in a watershed in energy policy. Europe is now seeing for itself just how essential crisis-proof, climate-neutral energy supplies and predictable energy costs are.

Renewables and gas – shaping the energy future

Sustainability is central to our day-to-day operations, and we are working hard to develop new solutions along the entire value chain. We are driving forward initiatives designed to bring the energy sector and related technologies closer to becoming carbonneutral and to ensure affordable energy supplies. Our sustainability strategy is clearly aligned with our innovative capabilities and our responsible, forward-looking approaches.

A look back at what we have achieved so far clearly shows that we are heading in the right direction – towards a new energy future. With this in mind, we are working on additional projects connected with our material economic, social and environmental topics in order to achieve continuous improvements in our sustainability management processes.

This report shows you some of the steps we are taking in relation to sustainability and security of supply. We also take stock, present the specific measures we have introduced in order to meet even higher standards, and profile our groundbreaking demonstration projects.