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Sustainability Report

Sustainability is an integral part of RAG’s day-to-day operations

European and Austrian climate and energy policies are geared towards combating global warming, a target that is also integral to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the European Commission’s Green Deal. Playing an active part in shaping efforts to achieve this goal is not only a major aspect of our social responsibility activities and our obligations towards future generations; it is also central to our philosophy. RAG’s main strength lies in its capacity to innovate and to act in a way that is both responsible and far-sighted. Everything we do reflects our long-term perspective – coupled with investments intended to last for generations to come – and is anchored in our strategy for the period to 2040.

Second Sustainability Report 2019/20

The past two years have been characterised by our intensive efforts to address the challenges associated with the future of energy, against the backdrop of the climate crisis. We are driving forward initiatives designed to bring the energy sector and related technologies closer to becoming carbon neutral, as well as ensuring affordable energy supplies. A look back at what we have achieved so far clearly shows that we are heading in the right direction.