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Working environment

Professional development opportunities

Our employees’ commitment and collaboration are vital to the company’s commercial success. We encourage our people to use their initiative when it comes to organising their work within the company structure, on the basis of clearly defined targets and responsibilities.

To this end, we offer a wide range of training and development initiatives, such as the RAGkademie, management development programmes, career support by means of on-the-job training and job rotation, as well as welcome workshops, short training courses and mentoring programmes.

Further information can be found in the section on careers and development. 

Working time models

In 2012, in response to a need for increased flexibility, RAG introduced new working time and working practices models in addition to the existing structures. Employees also have the option of taking various types of sabbaticals, and a range of part-time working arrangements are available for older employees. Flexible, personalised working time models encourage our people to assume responsibility and give them the space they need to develop. 

Social/fringe benefits

The company offers various benefits such as a pension fund, insurance, subsidised meals and an employee provident saving fund.