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Fair partner

RAG has a strong reputation for forging long-term relationships with its contractual partners and suppliers. Fair and proper business dealings, integrity and transparency are central to these partnerships. We are strongly committed to working with companies that respect and operate in line with our corporate principles. 


As part of our corruption prevention efforts, compliance guidelines are in place with rules for staff conduct in respect of gifts, invitations, other benefits and conflicts of interest. Our employees are prohibited from demanding or accepting benefits, accepting the promise of benefits and offering, promising or granting benefits. This applies to all business situations and all individuals, regardless of their position in the private sector or as a government official. RAG employees also have a duty to avoid conflicts of interest between their personal affairs and the functions they fulfil for the company.

Adherence to internal guidelines and processes is ensured by means of staff training, the four-eye principle and an internal control system. All business transactions conducted in RAG’s name must be registered and documented by the responsible compliance officer in accordance with the regulations, and must be verifiable. When there is doubt, the compliance officer must be consulted and compliance-related issues must be reported to a compliance officer immediately.