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A responsible corporate citizen

Responsible corporate behaviour is vital to security of energy supplies in tomorrow’s world.

Careful stewardship of valuable energy resources, protecting the environment and the climate, and good relations with our neighbours are more important to RAG than ever.

Responsible management

At RAG, corporate social responsibility (CSR) means carefully considering the economical, ecological and social aspects of our activities when making decisions. In addressing these issues we take our lead from the international ISO 26000 social responsibility standard.
Our responsibilities to our employees, customers, shareholders and suppliers, as well as to society and the environment are integral to our decision-making processes. Our activities are broken down into these different areas of accountability, and we follow the applicable guidelines on corporate governance, compliance and integrity. All of these considerations are embedded in our policies and underpin RAG’s success.

Our company has long fostered an open-door culture where communication thrives, and it is fundamental RAG’s success.

Cutting-edge process engineering, highly efficient plants and some of the most stringent safety standards anywhere in Europe, as well as dedicated, experienced staff ensure that security of supply is engrained in our day-to-day operations.

Accepting our responsibilities to employees

Respectful employee relations
Equal opportunities, integration and diversity are central to RAG’s corporate philosophy. Our workforce brings together many different nationalities, and all are treated absolutely equally in terms of pay and career opportunities, regardless of their gender, religion, cultural background or ethnicity.

An inspirational work environment
We are committed to providing our employees with excellent, flexible and safe working conditions, and an environment that supports them in making the best use of their abilities and promotes their development.
RAG invests in staff development programmes and training including health education courses. An in-house health promotion scheme offers employees a selection of free courses, such as nutrition, exercise and relaxation programmes, as well as initiatives that reflect the latest health-related trends. The company also works closely with healthcare facilities and doctors. RAG has been awarded the Austrian Health Ministry’s quality seal for workplace health promotion in 2013; the seal for the 2019-2021 period was received in March 2019. The company offers individual working time and working practices models, in order to meet employees’ needs for flexibility.
Employees also have the option of taking various types of sabbaticals, and a range of part-time working arrangements are available for older employees. This gives staff the space they need to develop, as well as boosting motivation.


The safety of staff and local residents, and protecting the environment, are extremely important to RAG. Eliminating the potential risks and dangers facing all of the people working at RAG, and communities affected by our activities, as well as avoiding damage to the environment, is a top priority.
When it comes to preventing accidents, the company goes beyond merely complying with the statutory requirements. Its aim is zero accidents in all of its activities, and in order to achieve this RAG has established a dedicated managerial unit which systematically monitors adherence to its targets on the basis of the internal health, safety and environment (HSE) management system, and supports their consistent application and improvement.
In addition to implementing workplace safety measures for its own employees, RAG integrate the external companies into its safety-related initiatives. Through clear processes, efficient communication, defined policies and instructions, RAG can also provide these employees with the best possible protection of health and safety.
All of RAG’s processes are designed to maximise environmental soundness. Particularly close attention is paid to minimising energy use and emissions, use of waste avoidance technology, and new methods for continuous surveillance and testing of plant and pipelines.

Taking a responsible approach to the environment

Research into groundbreaking technology
Working for a future of secure, sustainable and affordable energy supplies, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving energy efficiency, is one of the biggest challenges facing the world today. For years, RAG, Austria’s biggest energy storage company, began focusing on decarbonisation and the transformation of the energy system.
In cooperation with several partners, RAG has initiated and conducts research into the production of renewable, carbon neutral natural gas, and storing it in natural gas reservoirs in an environmentally friendly manner. This means that in future it may be possible for large quantities of renewable energy, such as wind and solar power, to be converted into gas, and transported and stored using existing gas infrastructure.

Efficient use of energy and resources

We attempt to use and distribute the energy required for our operations as efficiently as possible. The commissioning of combined heat and power (CHP) plants in Strasswalchen and Kremsmünster has enabled us to make particularly efficient use of electricity and heat from our production and storage facilities, and to inject energy into the public grid.
A project to reduce vehicle emissions has been in place for several years. This involves upgrading the vehicle fleet so that it is predominantly made up of gas powered vehicles, and establishing the necessary filling station infrastructure. This move will sharply reduce carbon dioxide emissions compared with conventional fuel types, and eradicate emissions of fine particulates. The aim is to make it simpler for RAG employees and customers, and the general public to switch to environmentally friendly and affordable technology.

Reusing natural reservoirs

Thanks to the use of depleted natural gas reservoirs as gas storage facilities, in the past few years RAG has made a key contribution to European security of supply. About half of the gas reservoirs discovered in the company’s 80-year history have now been converted into storage facilities and thus enabling a sustainable energetic use – a track record unmatched anywhere in the world.

Environmental protection

When constructing facilities, RAG takes preservation of the natural environment into account at the planning stage, as part of the environmental analysis. Locations are carefully selected, with the amount of land used as well as emissions and damage to the landscape kept to an absolute minimum. The land is restored to its previous state once the project has been completed. When it comes to constructing permanent facilities such as those for gas storage, RAG is committed to creating compensation areas. We also aim to continually expand cooperation with public authorities, nature conservation experts, planners, local authorities and landowners, and to take account of their requirements and interests from an early stage.

A fair partner and a good neighbour

RAG has a strong reputation for forging long-term relationships with its contractual partners and suppliers. Fair and proper business dealings, integrity and trans­parency are central to these partnerships. This includes a strong commitment to working with companies that respect and operate in line with RAG’s corporate philosophy. Adherence to internal compliance rules designed to prevent corruption is underpinned by staff training, the four-eye principle and an internal control system.
Responsible treatment of all stakeholders, especially residents and local authorities in the areas where we operate, has always been an article of faith for RAG. The company engages in detailed discussions with stake­holders in order to minimise the environmental and social impact of its activities. Constant communication with local authorities, public agencies and key local institutions is essential to building solid partnerships. Ongoing efforts to improve this dialogue with stakeholders are aimed at strengthening trust in the company and its operations.

Dedicated to local communities

Throughout its history, RAG’s activities have promoted regional economic growth, and as a major employer and orderer, the company makes an important contribution to the Austrian economy. Guided tours of facilities, open days and partner­ships demonstrate the strength of RAG’s commitment to the regions where it operates. The company carries out regular training and drills with local volunteer fire brigades, and offers paid internships and supervision of master’s theses for students at the University of Leoben. RAG also supports various regional social projects.


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