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Employee health

Every year RAG invests heavily in occupational health programmes and staff training schemes. The management team also gives prominence to measures aimed at improving workplace safety and adopts a proactive approach when it comes to implementing employee health projects. Our in-house health promotion scheme offers employees a selection of free courses, such as nutrition, exercise and relaxation programmes, as well as initiatives that reflect the latest health-related trends. Our monthly health newsletter is designed to encourage staff to participate in the group’s internal activities, and spotlights topical issues. We also work closely with healthcare facilities operated by the social insurance fund for the Austrian mining industry, and with company doctors. 

In January 2013 RAG was awarded the Austrian Health Ministry’s quality seal for workplace health promotion; the seal for the 2019-2021 period was received on 14 March 2019. 

The company won the 2016 NÖ Vorsorgepreis (Lower Austrian Preventive Health Care Award) on 28 February 2016. Our “Gesundheit verbindet” (Health connects people) project was the national winner in the Companies category.

Services and initiatives

Under the motto “healthy body, healthy mind”, RAG has implemented a comprehensive range of measures designed to protect and enhance the physical and psychological wellbeing of its employees. Our services cover everything from preventive healthcare facilities for employees in oil and gas production (such as www.josefhof.at) to regular initiatives connected with exercise, nutrition, health awareness and working environments. To this end we work closely with our company doctors and safety representatives, as well as external partners.

RAG employees also have access to regular consultations with occupational health service provider Arbeitsmedizinischer Dienst GmbH. The organisation focuses on providing the employer and employees with specialist, detailed advice on all matters related to occupational health.

Operating and drilling sites are inspected on a monthly basis – the emphasis is on risk prevention in work processes, e.g. proper use of working materials, and analysing and measuring noise, lighting, indoor climate, pollutants, etc.

Psychological advice and support, including occupational psychology, plays an important part in RAG’s health promotion strategy. This includes evaluation of emotional stress in the workplace, as well as personal (occupational) psychological support for employees. 

Another aim is to encourage staff to take part in health promotion measures, especially those connected with exercise, healthy eating and the working environment.