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What goes for Austria goes for Europe as a whole - security of supply is a central issue for the energy sector.

And a particularly vital aspect of this is exploiting domestic resources. Austria has considerable potential reserves, and it is believed that large accumulations of natural gas remain to be found in other parts of Europe. In the past few years RAG has stepped up its international oil and gas E&P activities.

We are currently working with a number of international and regional partners to develop small and technically challenging fields, and revive mature oil and gas fields, using modern technology and drawing on our wealth of expertise. We currently have operations in Germany and Hungary and are constantly weighing up other attractive projects.

RAG is now marketing worldwide their own production technology know-how through their Business unit RAG Technology Sales&Services. Find more information: www.rag-technology.at


In Bavaria, Rohöl Aufsuchungs AG (RAG) holds the concession „Salzach-Inn“ for the exploration of hydrocarbons.


RAG acquired exploration and production company Toreador Hungary Kft. – now Budapest-based RAG Hungary Kft. –  in October 2009.


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