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A strong sense of responsibility

A responsible approach to business is vital to securing energy supplies for the future.

Providing environmentally friendly, safe and affordable energy for the future is RAG’s greatest challenge. The steady rise in global energy demand means that responsible use of the valuable energy resources at our disposal, protecting the environment and gaining acceptance as a good neighbour are more important than ever for our commercial success.

RAG makes a significant contribution to security of energy supply in Austria. Our gas storage facilities ensure an uninterrupted supply of this vital energy source to the country’s industrial companies and electricity producers.

At RAG, corporate social responsibility (CSR) means carefully considering the financial, ecological and social aspects of each and every business decision. We are aware that our activities have impacts on society and the environment. With this in mind, our cross-departmental CSR team regularly develops and updates the topics that are relevant to our stakeholders and important to our business. When it comes to CSR-related measures, we adhere to the international ISO 26000 standard on social responsibility.

Our activities

  • Intensifying relations with our stakeholders
  • Integrating sustainability into our performance systems
  • Research and development in new technologies: Underground Sun Storage and geothermal energy
  • Enhancing our energy management system
  • Legal compliance


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