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Job profiles

Reservoir engineer

• Reservoir engineering management for oil, gas and natural gas storage reservoirs
• Technical development, economic assessment and implementation of well proposals
• Reservoir engineering design and implementation of gas storage wells
• Field development and production planning
• Preparation of production and capacity forecasts
• Preparation of withdrawal and injection forecasts for gas storage facilities
• Reserves estimation
• Materials balance and numerical reservoir simulation

Production engineer

  • Design and completion of new wells
  • Technical design, economic assessment and support with implementation of workovers and simulation activities
  • Assessment and implementation of new technologies for well equipment and simulation
  • Assessment and analysis of production performance of oil and gas wells


  • Oil and gas reservoir exploration
  • Interpretation of seismic data
  • Development of geological and sedimentological plans
  • Creation of structural geological and sequence stratigraphic models
  • Assessment of reserves and risks associated with drilling projects
  • Analysis of wellhead measurements
  • Geoscience support for drilling and preparation of post completion analyses 
  • Overseeing seismic data acquisition and processing

Process engineer

  • Analysis of tasks and definition of processes
  • Preparation of mass and energy balances
  • Dimensioning for main equipment at facilities
  • Provision of specifications for the preparation of process and flow diagrams
  • Carrying out safety assessments

Mechanical engineer

  • Analysing tasks and developing machinery design concepts
  • Agreeing the machinery design concept with the process and reservoir engineers
  • Examination of the use of new machinery technologies
  • Responsibility for the correct configuration of plant machinery
  • Coordinating and checking the commissioning of machinery
  • Carrying out safety assessments

Plant engineer (apparatus, pipe and structural steel engineering)

  • Drawing up plant layouts in conjunction with process and mechanical engineering
  • Development of material design concept in consultation with process engineering
  • Creating the tubing and casing design concept based on the process flow diagrams
  • Coordinating the completion of approval application documents
  • Involvement in safety assessments

Measurement and control engineer

  • Planning and determining voltage levels and network topology
  • Drawing up automation and communication concepts
  • Developing measurement and control design concepts in consultation with process engineering
  • Specifying necessary protective equipment in consultation with plant and process engineering
  • Involvement in safety assessments