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RAG’s history stretches back 80 years. Its oil and gas exploration, production and storage operations play a key role in security of supply.

RAG is Austria’s oldest exploration, production and gas storage company. Our core business areas are oil and natural gas exploration, production and trading, and gas storage. Drilling operations and other services closely related to our core business – as well as projects focused on renewables such as geothermal energy – complete RAG’s portfolio of activities. Austria and Europe are the focus of core business operations, while RAG’s technology is marketed worldwide.

Our goal is to provide our customers with safe, efficient, environmentally friendly and affordable energy and gas storage services – sustainably and responsibly. We aim to maintain a high level of technical and economic performance and bolster our competitive position over the long term by means of innovation.

The Haidach gas storage facility is operated by a joint venture between RAG, Gazprom and Wingas, and the 7Fields storage facility by another joint venture with Uniper. Both facilities straddle the border between the provinces of Salzburg and Upper Austria. With its own storage capacity – which is now around 6 billion cubic metres – and its activities as an operator, RAG makes a major contribution to security of supply in Austria and Central Europe. 

RAG has produced a total of around 16 million tonnes of crude oil and 26 billion cubic metres of natural gas since its foundation in 1935.

What is it like to work for RAG?

Our size is our greatest asset. As a medium-sized company we are able to operate with a flat organisational structure and streamlined administration.

Your benefits:

  • Swift decisions on projects and proposals
  • Immediate, tangible evidence of the success of your work

Small, decision-driven teams that give you the opportunity to prove your skills and quickly take on responsibility. 

We expect you to take responsibility and apply your expertise across a range of areas, meaning your work will be varied and interesting. 

Facts and figures

Number of employees: 430
(as at 31st March 2017)

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