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With the technically operated storage capacity of around 6 billion cubic meter of natural gas RAG is one of the biggest storage operators in Europe. RAG operates its own gas storage facilities and gas storage facilities  as part of a joint venture project with its partners. RAG storage facilities are Puchkirchen/Haag, Aigelsbrunn and Haidach 5. RAG Joint Venture storage facilities are Haidach and 7Fields.

Figures of storage facilitites operated by RAG 

TWh, GW, MW ... thermal, GCV 11.33 kWh/cu m

Last update: July 2020

Puchkirchen/Haag gas storage facility    
Working gas volume 12.2 TWh 1,080 mn cu m
Max. withdrawal capacity 5.9 GW 520,000 cu m/h
Max. injection capacity 5.9 GW 520,000 cu m/h
Aigelsbrunn gas storage facility    
Working gas volume 1.5 TWh 130 mn cu m
Max. withdrawal capacity                   567 MW 50,000 cu m/h
Max. injection capacity 567 MW

50,000 cu m/h

Haidach 5 gas storage facility    
Working gas volume 181 GWh 16 mn cu m
Max. withdrawal capacity                     227 MW 20,000 cu m/h
Max. injection capacity 227 MW

20,000 cu m/h

7Fields (RAG) gas storage facility    
Working gas volume 6.2 TWh 550 mn cu m
Max. withdrawal capacity                     2.6 GW 226,600 cu m/h
Max. injection capacity 1.7 GW

151,100 cu m/h

Haidach gas storage facility    
Working gas volume 32.9 TWh 2,900 mn cu m
Max. withdrawal capacity                                13.1 GW 1.2 mn cu m/h
Max. injection capacity 11.9 GW

      1.1 mn cu m/h

7Fields (uniper) gas storage facility    
Working gas volume                              17.6 TWh 1,550 mn cu m
Max. withdrawal rate 9.1 GW 807,300 cu m/h
Max. injection rate 6.1 GW

538,200 cu m/h

Total storage capacity    
Working gas volume 70.5 TWh 6,226 mn cum
Max. withdrawal rate                                    31.5 GW 2,823,900 cu m/h
Max. injection rate 26.4 GW

2,424,300 cu m/h


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