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Bespoke services for customers and partners

RAG has a long tradition in exploration, production and gas storage, and our customers and partners in Austria and abroad can now reap the rewards of the expertise we have built up over the years.



Throughout our history we have constantly driven innovation in our core areas of activity.

RAG Technology Sales & Services (TSS) is responsible for marketing and sales of technologies, products, services and turnkey solutions developed and applied by the Group to promote efficient oil and gas production.

Listen to your reservoir

TSS is the exclusive distributor of MURAG-20, an innovative technology for fully automated well fluid level measurement, monitoring and control of deep well pumps, and characterising reservoirs for the purposes of optimising production and increasing the value of reserves. RAG can look back on 80 years of profitable development and operation of mature oil and gas reservoirs with high water content. Based on this long experience in tail-end production, TSS also offers clients full-line solutions for gas well dewatering, pump recovery methods, gas well pressure reduction, coated and surface-hardened materials, and corrosion prevention methods, all with the aim of increasing extraction from old and small fields, and enhancing their value.

Our service portfolio

  • Cost-efficient production for reservoirs with up to 98% water content
  • A range of services based on our experience as experts on mature fields
  • Profitable, efficient operation of mature fields
  • High levels of automation
  • Reduction of corrosion to a thousandth of its former level
  • Extension of well useful life by up to seven years without interruptions
  • Development of proprietary technology on the basis of our experience and expertise
  • Reduction of unit operating costs to USD 1 per barrel fluid