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Seismic exploration – using 3D images to map geological structures

Today the most informative method used to search for oil and gas reserves as well as geothermal prospects, and the state of the art, is 3D seismic. In order to limit the high costs and economic risks involved in drilling, it is vital to narrow down the areas where there are good prospects of success beforehand, by carrying out carefully targeted geophysical surveys.


The use of advanced seismic techniques makes it possible to map the geological structure of the earth’s subsurface three-dimensionally, down to depths of 5,000-6,000 metres.


RAG has evaluated the geology and the hydrocarbon potential of the Molasse Zone in Salzburg and Upper Austria since the late 1940‘s and, more recently, in Bavaria.

Reservoir Engineering

A variety of technical methods and tools are available to reservoir engineers to achieve these objectives.