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RAG is Austria’s oldest existing crude oil and gas exploration company.

Since its foundation RAG has produced over 15 million tonnes (mn t) of crude oil an 24,5 bn cu m of natural gas. In the past few years RAG has added to its exploration and production acreage, and its operations now extend to Hungary.

Oiling the wheels of industry

Crude oil remains unsubstitutable for many applications. RAG has been producing oil in Austria for over 80 years, and thanks to the use of 3D seismic and new technologies we continue to develop existing fields as well as finding and developing new fields – ensuring continued production for decades to come.

Environmentally friendly natural gas from regional fields

Climate-friendly natural gas has become one of the world’s most important energy sources, and experts are agreed that it will remain so. RAG has been producing natural gas at fields in Lower Austria, Upper Austria and Salzburg for over 50 years, and today operates about 200 gas wells. Cumulative output now totals about 26 billion cubic metres.


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