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Methane Pyrolysis

Cooperation with the University of Leoben

Methane pyrolysis is a climate neutral innovation for energy and raw materials production. Together with the University of Leoben and prominent industry partners voestalpine Stahl, Primetals Technologies Austria and Wien Energie, we are developing groundbreaking, highly promising carbon and hydrogen innovations. RAG is coordinating this project, which will make it possible to produce carbon and hydrogen from a single source using CO2-neutral methods.

By applying various pyrolysis processes, the raw material of methane (natural gas) is broken down into carbon and hydrogen without releasing any emissions. In this way we can produce hydrogen – a storable, climate-neutral energy source – and carbon, an important and currently scarce raw material. This innovative technology combines the goals of reducing emissions, transformation of energy sources, and production of critical raw materials. Valuable carbon produced by pyrolysis has the potential to revolutionise a vast range of sustainable technologies, and to make some of them possible for the first time. There is no question that Austria needs clean, affordable energy for use as electricity, to generate heat, and for transportation – so the country is set to benefit hugely from these innovations. We can provide the energy storage solutions that will play a central role in the energy future, enabling energy to be collected in summer and stored up for winter; we will also be able to expand the supply of high-potential carbon and affordable hydrogen, through pyrolysis, and the supply of environmentally friendly fuels such as LNG for clean heavy goods traffic.