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Sustainable Mining

Sustainable re-use and managing of mining facilities

In addition to researching and developing new technologies, we persue a strategy for the sustainable after-use of underground natural gas reservoirs.

RAG has been using underground gas reservoirs to store energy for nearly four decades. Expansion of storage opportunities in Upper Austria and Salzburg over the past 20 years has made these facilities a cornerstone of security of supply in Austria and Central Europe. Along the way, RAG has added a key link to its value chain and developed a sustainable form of energy mining. RAG has converted a large part of the gas reservoirs discovered over its
85-year history into storage facilities with long useful lives – an outstanding track record by international comparison.

The company is making a major contribution to tackling one of the biggest challenges faced by the energy sector: energy storability.

Our energy storage facilities serve customers in Austria and abroad, and include joint ventures with multinationals. Storage capacity at RAG’s facilities is marketed by the company’s subsidiary RAG Energy Storage. RAG has the necessary resources, infrastructure and know-how to actively drive forward development and the expansion of cutting edge, carbon neutral energy solutions based on green gas.

"After starting out with 50 million (mn) cu m of storage in Puchkirchen in 1982, today RAG is Austria’s leading storage company, and one of Europe’s biggest storage operators, with a total capacity of over 6bn cu m. This corresponds to more than a hundred-fold increase in capacity."


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