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RAG gas storage facilities

RAG operates its underground gas storages facilities in Salzburg and Upper Austria, which are pore storages. These storage facilities are connected to the grid of Netz Oberösterreich GmbH.
Storage capacities are offered to the market by RAG's subsidiary RAG Energy Storage.

Puchkirchen/Haag gas storage facility

RAG made its first gas discovery in Puchkirchen in 1956. Conversion of the gas formation into a storage reservoir began in 1982 and was completed in 2009 after a number of expansions. During the summer of the latter year the Puchkirchen facility was linked with the Haag reservoir. At present the facility has a maximum working gas volume of some 1.1 bn cu m (equivalent to 12.2 TWh), and injection and withdrawal capacity of 520,000 cu m/hour (5.9 gigawatts, GW).

Haidach 5 gas storage facility

The repurposing of this depleted gas formation as a storage reservoir began in 2005. Haidach 5 has a maximum working gas volume of around 16m cu m (equivalent to 181 GWh), and injection and withdrawal capacity of approx. 20,000 cu m/hour (226 megawatts, MW).

7Fields (RAG) gas storage facility

This storage facility (formerly the “Nussdorf/Zagling natural gas storage facility”, commissioned in April 2014) has recently been developed to form part of the 7Fields interconnected underground gas storage (UGS) network. Currently it has a total capacity of 550 mn cu m (equivalent to 6.2 TWh), an injection capacity of 151,100 cu m/hour (1.7 GW) and withdrawal capacity of 226,600 cu m/hour (2.6 GW).

Aigelsbrunn gas storage facility

Gas production at this field started in 2001. Development of the gas storage facility began in 2008, and it was commissioned on 1 April 2011. Aigelsbrunn has a max. working gas volume of approx. 130m cu m, and injection and withdrawal capacity of 50,000 cu m/hour (565 MW).


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