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Joint venture gas storage facilities

As part of joint venture projects RAG develops and operates under its sole technical responsibility two underground gas storage facilities for its partners. As a gas storage facility operator our mission is the storage of gaseous energy sources and the utilization of storage facilities for sustainable energy storage. With a total working volume of around 5 billion cubic metres of natural gas the underground gas storage facilities Haidach and 7Fields make an important contribution to security of supply of Austria and Europe.

Haidach gas storage facility

The Haidach storage facility was planned and built by RAG under its concession. RAG operates the facility for partners Gazprom export (RUS) and Wingas (GER). The first development phase was completed in 2007, and the second in 2011. The total storage capacity of 2.9 bn cu m of natural gas is equivalent to a quarter of annual gas consumption in Austria. Haidach is the second-largest storage facility in Central Europe. It has an injection capacity of 1.05 mn cu m/hour (11.9 GW) and withdrawal capacity of 1.16 mn cu m/hour (13.1 GW).

The capacities of the Haidach storage facility are marketed by astora and, since August 1, 2022, by RAG Energy Storage GmbH (100% subsidiary of RAG Austria AG) on behalf of the regulatory authority E-Control. 

Further information on the marketing of the Haidach natural gas storage facility can be found here: www.rag-energy-storage.at

7Fields gas storage facility

7Fields was planned and built by RAG under its concession. RAG operates the facility for joint venture partner Uniper Energy Storage (GER, formerly E.ON Gas Storage). The first expansion phase began in 2009 and was completed in 2011. Following completion of the second expansion stage in 2014 and a capacity adjustment in 2019, around 2.1 bn cu m of natural gas can now be stored at 7Fields. It has an injection capacity of 698,300 cu m/hour (7.8 GW) and a withdrawal capacity of 1,033,900 cu m/hour (11.7 GW). 7Fields is made up of former gas fields in Upper Austria and Salzburg. Integration of several storage reservoirs into an interconnected storage facility is particularly resource efficient and environmentally friendly. The site is unique in Europe, with five storage stations connected via pipelines to three metering stations and to the Austrian and international gas grids.

The capacities of the 7Fields interconnected gas storage are marketed by Uniper and RAG Energy Storage.

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