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Innovation is our appeal

RAG has been working on groundbreaking projects for the seasonal storage of hydrogen and to develop green gas technologies for 10 years. RAG’s innovative capacity has enabled it to become a sustainable technology leader in the European energy storage and supply sector. Besides conventional natural gas, RAG is focusing on novel green gas production technologies such as power-to-gas and methane electrolysis.

The "Underground Sun Storage" and "Underground Sun Conversion" projects offer a unique opportunity to store large volumes of gas produced from renewable sources, such as solar and wind power, seasonally and carbon neutrally underground, for withdrawal as and when it is needed.

RAG has been a pioneer in the field of hydrogen production since 2015, when it brought Austria’s first megawattscale water electrolysis plant online. In addition to this, in collaboration with a variety of industrial partners, research institutions and universities, RAG is investigating the viability of a range of methane electrolysis approaches.

“RAG’s constant ability to innovate and commitment to research and development are among its key success factors.”