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The energy held in our storage facilities can be withdrawn and made ready for use on demand. It can then be delivered via existing pipeline networks for power generation at gas-fired power stations, heat generation by local cogeneration stations or central heating systems, and clean transportation.

Before the gas can be fed into the supply network it has to be processed. When it emerges from the reservoirs it is too “wet” for use – it contains reservoir water. Treatment is needed because final consumers require “dry” gas. First, the produced reservoir water, liquid hydrocarbons and solids are separated out by our dehydration units. Then the gas is dried, and injected into the pipeline network at marketable quality and appropriate pressure. In future our storage facilities will also hold large volumes of green gas such as hydrogen. This will make it even more important to supply end users with consumer-grade gas conforming to a variety of quality specifications, as bio-CNG, bio-LNG and hydrogen.

We have extensive experience of handling differing gas grades and purities – vital when dealing with all gaseous energy forms.


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