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Storage development

Thanks to their geological characteristics, the Austrian Prealps offer ideal conditions for the construction of underground storage facilities.

To meet market demand for gas storage capacity, RAG as concession holder has an ongoing geological exploration programme in Lower and Upper Austria, and Salzburg to ascertain whether former gas fields are suitable for conversion into storage facilities.

Up to seven depleted reservoirs can currently be converted by RAG into gas storage facilities. The working gas volume of a single reservoir ranges from 85 million cubic meters to 1.6 billion cubic meters. The development and construction could be achieved either as single individual storage facilitites or as an integration of several underground gas storage facilities to a single gas storage facility unit. A total of about 2.8 billion cubic meters working gas volume, or approximately 1.3 million cubic meters of gas per hour withdrawal rate could be developed.

These storage projects would be planed, built and operated as part of a joint venture similar to the existing storage facilities Haidach and 7Fields.


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